Fayetteville State University

Faculty and Staff



Name & Position Email Address Phone Number Room Number
Dr. Lynn Bible
Associate Professor of Accounting 910-672-1666 SBE 313
Dr. HoEun Chung
Assistant Professor of Marketing 910-672-1307 SBE 321
Dr. Eric Dent
Professor of Management 910-672-2415 SBE 360
Dr. Su Dong
Assistant Professor of Management Information System 910-672-1198 SBE 351
Dr. Kathleen Gurley
Associate Professor of Management 910-672-1319 SBE 387
Dr. Beth Hogan
Associate Professor of Healthcare Management 910-672-1995 SBE 359
Dr. Petur Jonsson
Professor of Economics 910-672-1984 SBE 384
Dr. Baeyong Lee
Associate Professor of Finance 910-672-1488 SBE 361
Dr. Robert McGee
Associate Professor of Accounting 910-672-1985 SBE 319
Dr. Don Okhomina
Assistant Professor of Management 910-672-2148 SBE 352
Dr. Steven Phelan
Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship 910-672-2410 SBE 233
Dr. Wendy Ritz
Assistant Professor of Marketing 910-672-1983 SBE 316
Dr. Mohsen Souissi
Associate Professor of Accounting 910-672-1362 SBE 306B
Dr. Assad Tavakoli
Professor of Management 910-672-1527 SBE 237
Dr. Abdoul Wane
Associate Professor of Economics 910-672-1370 SBE 365
Dr. Thomas Williams
Associate Professor of Finance 910-672-1736 SBE 317
Ms. Rachael Johnson
Administrative Support Associate 910-672-1197 SBE 390
Mr. John Scarsella
MBA Director of Admissions 910-672-2910 SBE 390/SJAFB